10 Things to do - To be a better leader.

The "hero" leader who knows everything is dead!

Today's leaders must accept continual change and a world full of ambiguities and uncertainties.

1. Remember to think!

Sort out where you get your best ideas - and it's probably not at work.

More likely it's in the shower, at the gym, on the bike or golf course, or driving to and from work.

In these locations your mind is likely to be more "open". So plan the time to think.

2. Ask your people

What should we start doing?

What should we keep doing?

What should we stop dong?

3. Don't hire clones

If everyone looks the same, sounds the same and acts the same - where do the challenging questions and new ideas come from?

4. Don't shirk hard decisions

It's not always wonderful! You have to take out and manage people who are persistent at not being good at it, not liking it, or are not committed to it!

5. You 'gotta serve somebody

Leaders need to contribute to the lives of others less advantaged to keep their own lives, priorities and rewards in perspective.

6. Inspire change

The fastest and best route to change is to alter how people "see" the world. That's the real meaning of "vision".

We can change the way people do things, but leaders make them "see"...

7. Reject forced choices

Making an artificial choice between two apparently conflicting propositions and enforcing a choice when a solution may require a combination of the two things, can be a destructive way to run a business.

8. Be confronted

Invite criticism! Listen to the "resident contrarian", or bring the enemy inside the tent.

9. Show up!

Invisible leaders are ineffective. Remember the concept of MBWA - "Management By Wandering Around". If the leader doesn't show up, the big rocks don't get moved!

10. Look in the mirror

Leaders must comprehend how their behaviour affects those around them.

Two thirds of leaders are said to be oblivious to the affect they are having be it good, bad or indifferent.

Leaders should ask people they trust to tell them the truth about how their behavior affects their mission.


Source - BRW