There are many important milestones in your personal wealth journey. Each stage has its own issues and considerations. Find out more!

Getting Started

A most exciting time of your life – commencing your career! New people, new places, new opportunities and new challenges. In the early days, it’s about getting a start, putting your training into practical application and starting to make contacts.



Having established yourself through your 20’s, the latter stages of your 20’s and into your 30’s are likely to be the years when you start thinking about family plans and a whole new range of considerations arise – safety, security, parenting, education, providing for the future – whew!


The middle stage of life is about paying off debt which is incurring non-deductible interest. Regular review of your gearing position will allow for planning to ensure that some surplus funds are allocated to home loan debt reduction with a view to getting it fully paid off.

Comfort and safety

Continuing to build investments (with a sensible level of gearing) and maximising contributions to superannuation remain as highly relevant strategies during this time. Tax effective borrowing will still most likely be appropriate but non tax deductible debts should be extinguished during this period.


Hopefully heading into a comfortable retirement, your superannuation will provide a satisfactory income stream. Converting your funds into pension phase will provide significant tax benefits. Managing superannuation and investments can become quite a hobby for those who are so inclined.


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