Managers, Coaches and Mentors

Those who lead organisations and staff must be managers, coaches and mentors to their people, often at different times and for different purposes. It helps to know the differences between these three aspects, as shown in this diagram. 

As managers, we direct people to achieve day to day results, with an eye on their longer term career development. As coaches, we work to help our people maximise their talents and improve their performance, in a managed, measured way that is clearly defined by results and timeframes. And, as mentors, we enter into a longer term relationship with those who want to learn from and be inspired by our career, experiences and insights.

Excellent leaders know when to use one or more of these three elements, to direct and motivate their staff in achieving day to day results and longer term successes. Understanding how to do this – and do it well – creates highly motivated, positive employees, long lasting results and a culture of success.

Do you use the right mix in your leadership?

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